The ultimate buyer’s guide on your wet wipes machine purchasing

Here at DROID GROUP, we want you to make an informed decision before purchasing with us. That is why we have supplied you with a Wet Wipes Machine buying guide to help you make that decision.

A Wet wipes Machine is an investment for your business so you want to be sure you are choosing the correct one to fulfill your needs and budget. It can be quite daunting as there are so many out there and they all have different features and functionalities.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

You probably have looked into your local market and noticed that one category of disposable hygienic commodities are starting to take up an increasingly larger space on the shelf.

That is “wet wipes.”

This industry has grown rapidly from the time when baby care wet wipes defined the entire market. Today there are wet wipes used for cosmetic purposes, for household use as well as for hygienic applications.

Generally, wipes come in various packing forms. Some are packed in 80counts with flip-top; some are counted 10 sheets and portable to fit in a lady’s purse; some come in an extremely large size like a bath towel and some are packed in a single sachet.

What type of wet wipes machine? 

Before you start to feel dizzy by the dazzlingly display of all types of wipes on the market, you have envisioned it as a prosperous market and a profitable business, so you are intended to set up your own wet wipes production lines.

“ Great, now I am going to make my own wipes. How excited!

Hold on, let me search to find one machine that can produce all those wipes, if that it would be a great saving, isn’t it?”

Well, I hate to sound ruthless to smash your fantasies, but here is the No.1 rule of thumb that you have to remember: There is no one-size-fits-all wet wipes machine on the market.

As per tissue folding types and converting theories, wet wipes available on the market can be categorized into the following 4 types:

(1) Single/double counts/bag;

(2) 5-30 counts/bag;

(3) 30-120 counts/bag;

(4) canister wipes.

Therefore, you will need to adopt 4 different converting machines so as to cover a full range of wipes as below.

[ “You have made a point. But I am still confused a little bit. I want to make kitchen wipes, cosmetic wipes, Cleaning wipes, wet bath towel, alcohol swab.. and which category shall all these wipes go to?”

Well, Stop struggling over all the “fancy names”, it is all about formula.

My previous article about the formula in wet wipes (“Raw material for wet wipes production: (2) What is the “wet” in the wipes? )would clear your doubts. Check here.”]

Once you target at one specific type of wipes, let’s say baby wipes in 80counts or cosmetic wipes in 15 counts, the first thing you need to think about is where are your wet wipes machine going to goAmong hundreds of machine vendors who all promised “the best product and perfect solutions” under different price tags, how to locate the model that best fits your demand?

There there. No head-scratching now.

I have done the hard work for you, and Let’s run through it together:

Selecting a well-fit production line could be quite a challenge involving the balancing of several factors: output product specification, desired performance, Cost considerations, Capacity speed, machine configuration, automation levels, factory space, future upgrades all play a role in selecting the best production line for your application. 

As a machine supplier, I have seen many purchasers rushed to ask for machine price the moment we got connected. It is surprising that the price seems to be the only determinant in his purchasing. While some would claim they are not able to define their budget frame until each machine cost is unveiled. Much as I couldn’t fully agree on it, I would suggest our customers to take the following key factors into the evaluation and work out the desired performance they are expecting to achieve. Once they fully understand what results they are trying to get, they will be able to see which costs range they are falling into so that they could adjust their allocable budget accordingly.

[ “What is the price of this machine?”

-It ranges from “xxxx Usd to xxxx Usd.”

Why don’t we sit down first and have a discussion on your specific demands”

-Ok, I will discuss it with our team and get back to you on Monday.”

And your Monday never comes.]

1.Capacity speed

“What is the speed of the machine?” this question ranks second on the list of Frequently asked questions.( Top 1 question? – Well, Mr. what’s-the-price is smiling now. )

Much as the fact that capacity speed varies from one model to another, your consideration of capacity is heavily related to 2 key elements: sales channel and sales volume.

  • Sales volume: You all understand that the production target is driven by marketing and sales activities and thus the capacity of production facilities is generally defined by your sales volume. Here is my kind reminder: Don’t confine your calculation to current sales volumes. Make sure you have worked out a 2-3 years’ volume forecast to prevent any future constraint and pressures. (p.s. Never underestimate your own marketing capability.)
  • Sales Channel:Sales Channel shapes your sales volume too. If you are capable and ambitious to work on multiple channels, count them all in.

2.Product specification

  • Product types and sizes:

“There is no one-size-fits-all wet wipes machines.”

If you were not skipping through our previous passages, you will have this No.1 rule of thumb borne in mind till now.

However, that does not mean our machine is inflexible. On each machine there will be a specs range to allow for different (while limited) product sizes. With only a simple set on the touch screen or a slight adjustment on certain parts, product diversity is not a dream.

  • Production model: You are positioning yourself as a contract manufacturer (OEM) or you will be focusing on your own brand’s manufacturing (OBM)? Or you want to go the extra mile and handle both?

A contract manufacturer should get ready to be challenged with diversified product specification demands, so you probably would want to make sure no constraints are there when a million worth OEM order hits you in the future.


Due to the word limits here, we will keep on exploring the next two factors in the next article. If you can not wait to explore it, send messages to the below contact to get a full PDF version of The Ultimate of Buyer’s Guide On Your Wet Wipes Machine Purchasing.

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