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Wet Wipes Machine Cost- Ultimate Pricing Guide

How much does a wet wipes machine cost? -Ultimate Pricing Guide. As you consider purchasing a wet wipes machine from us, the very first question you would ask probably is: how much does a wet wipes machine cost? This pricing guide helps to give you an idea about the initial budget and the ownership costs […]

A Buying Guide for Wet Wipes Lid Applicator (Capping Machine)

As you consider purchasing a wet wipes lid applicator (capping machine) to put lid on flow pack wet wipes pouch. You might take 5 minutes to read this buying guide so as to make better informed purchase decision. How to put plastic lid on wet wipes pouch? Manual V.s Automation To apply lid cover on […]

Are you looking for Disinfectant Wet Wipes Machine?

Disinfectant Wet Wipes Machine Disinfecting wet wipes machine is in high demand as disinfectant wipes are reported to be an effective prevention measure against coronavirus by global medical experts ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, Droid Group, as a professional wet wipes machine manufacturer, has been chosen to run at full force in this troublesome […]

Raw material for wet wipes production: (2) What is the “wet” in the wipes?

Wet wipes by their very definition are impregnated wipes, but what is this ‘Wet’ stuff. Is it just water? What else is in the liquid of wet wipes? What gives it good cleaning properties? To give you a better idea, we will run through some of the main ingredients found within the formulations of Wet […]

Raw material for wet wipes production: (1) What is spunlace non-woven?

In the series, we move on to talking about wet wipe substrate and looking at the fibre types found in wet wipes. Grab a pack of wet wipes from your kitchen, your dressing table or nursing room, peel the package off and you will get a pile of fabric sheets. The fabric looks like tissue […]

Top 10 baby wipes you can try for diaper changes and more

Baby wipes are diaper-changing essentials. Babies need their diapers changed approximately 5-7 times a day, so stocking up on extra wipes is a sound investment, especially in households with multiple young children. Parents have many types of baby wipes from which to choose. Walk into any store and there are shelves filled with cloth and disposable […]

Part one: What are wet wipes?–Definition/history and classification

There is a lot more to wipes than meets the eye. This series will be providing you with a guide into the world of wipes and provide answers to the questions you might be asking. Today we are going to have a peek at what wet wipes are, its history and its applications. Wet wipes […]