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With a proven track record of global customer success, DROID has become a worldwide trusted brand for high performance wet wipes machines .

Global Presence - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

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Customer Success Around The Globe

Thanks to DROID team’s unbeatable customer service, high quality wet wipes production lines and exclusive industrial know-hows, DROID has gained worldwide recognition from numerous happy customers in over 20+ countries including the U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia,South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Senegal, India, Pakistan etc.

What Happy Customers Love About DROID

Satisfaction of each DROID customer, big and small, is the biggest motivation that drives us to keep providing exceptional customer experience with the goal to become the  best-in-class & #1 trusted wet wipes machine supplier on the global stage.

DROID wet wipes machine manufacturer - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

Appreciate DROID’s deep understanding of wet wipes industry in particular and the step-by-step guide they provided from start to finish. Without DROID, we could not have managed to set up our own wet wipes manufacturing facilities !

Nicholas Smith

Operation Manager
scott 120x120 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

When we go and look properly at DROID wet wipes machines, it is clear in an instant that they are so far ahead in technology and quality of any supplier we have spoken to before.

I am glad we had a pleasant cooperation and DROID team has been of a great help in the setup of the whole wet wipes project. Without DROID, we were on our own.


Operation Manager
Cristian Customer 120x120 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID is one of a kind. I met just few company as professional as DROID in my career. Geat machine made by people of integrity and expertise. I think the people like DROID family are sent from GOD.


Chief Executive Officer
DROID wet wipes production line  - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID’s wet wipes machine is quite easy to operate, fast and stable. The quality is ranking top in the industry. We are very happy with DROID machine and we love DROID family.

Salhi Joubrane

Chief Operator
Sean 120x120 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID provides the best & superior customer service among all the machinery suppliers we have dealt with. DRIOD team are extremely professional, patient, responsive and detail-oriented, not to mention that DROID machines are superior in terms of quality.

We have come back to them for several wipes production lines ever since we bought the first line from them.


Managing Director
DROID wet wipes machine manufacturer scaled - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID is a great business partner in every aspect.

We love the way they work – professional, responsive and supportive whenever you need.

We are pretty sure that among all the wet wipes machine suppliers, we will operate with DROID only.

Henry Vu

Managing Director
Hassan 120x120 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

I am very happy with the quality of DROID’s wet wipes machine and their service is very good.

The finished wipes products made by DROID’s machine are perfect. We have become the market leader in terms of quality and market share after we set up DROID’s wet wipes production line. We will be ordering more new machines from DROID next year.

We are quite satisfied with DROID and I would highly recommend you work with this company.


Chief Executive Officer

Global Bases of Operation 

“If we bring our product and service closer to each global DROID customer, they could enjoy a hassle-free wet wipes production & able to move their products faster than their peers to the market.”

That is why DROID continues to expand our global footprint over time.

China Headquarter and Manufacturing Base Droid Group 1030x641 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID China ( HQ )

DROID China, based in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, serves as the group’s wet wipes machine manufacturing hub and is the sales centre in Asia.

Here it houses a dynamic team of savvy technical engineers, R&D engineers, service engineers and assembly workers who have been solely devoted to wet wipes development and manufacturing for 10~20 years.

It also ensures that all products under the DROID flagship adhere to stringent international standards. .As the global headquarters, it manages and provides expertise support to its global fleet of DROID business partnerships.

Wuchen, Liyuan Cun, Xinzheng Xincun Town, Zhengzhou City, Henan, 45110, China

Tel: 86-371-62625998
Email: [email protected]

Germany Office Droid Group - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID Germany

Located in Cologne, Germany, DROID Germany is operated as a sales office and a spare parts warehouse under the partnership between DROID and its Co-financing German partner.

In addition to meet the needs of DROID customers from Europe and surrounding areas for an effective, fast and face-to-face sales conversation, this office, consisted of German experts, is also tasked to lend their invaluable wet wipes manufacturing know-hows to improve and grow our customer’s business.

Furthermore, DROID Germany also manages to provide quick spare parts support that is included in DROID’s after-market service with an aim to offer our customers a maximized machine uptime.

Czech Showroom Droid Group 1030x775 - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID

DROID Czech Republic

DROID Czech Republic opens its door in 2022 as DROID’s showroom & after-sales service center in Europe.  It is located in the city of Litomerice —— 20km away from the border of Germany and only 3-hour-drive from Berlin.

The facility in Czech Republic houses the latest wet wipes production lines from DROID operated by DROID’s Co-funding German partner. It will be just a short flight away if customers from European zones would like to see DROID wet wipes machines in action. With a group of technical engineers at service, DROID customers around the globe (Europe in particular), can enjoy faster technical support both online and on-site. It also serves as the spare parts warehouse in Europe whenever urgent delivery is required there.

DROID INDIA  - Global Presence | Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer | DROID


The office in NCR Delhi, India provides a central hub for DROID’s sales and service operations in India. This strategic move allows DROID to better serve its customers in India and the surrounding regions, by providing them with high-quality wet wipes machine and efficient customer service directly from local office . DROID India office will offer sales support, wet wipes machine installation, and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of DROID’s high-quality wet wipes machines in India.

The team at the NCR Delhi office is composed of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that all of Indian customers have access to the latest DROID’s wet wipes machine technology and best-in-class technical supports. We are excited to be expanding our presence in India, and look forward to building strong relationships with our Indian clients.

India Office: A-99, Second floor, Omaxe Gllaria, Bahadurgarh (NCR Delhi), Haryana,India

Email: [email protected]

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