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|Droid’s wet wipes machine manufacturing competence|

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  • The only one in China solely focused on disposable wet wipes machinery manufacturing & turn-key project planning.
  • Over 30 years technical experience in manufacturing all types of wet wipes machines in China.
  • Mastery of wet wipes value chain.
  • One-stop operational resource that covers two manufacturing bases for wet wipes machines.
  • Four manufacturing sites for wet wipes raw materials (Spun-lace nonwoven; Laminated packaging film; Plastic lid for wet wipes and Re-sealable stickers ) under joint venture.

How Is Droid’s Wet Wipes Machine Manufactured?

Droid’s wet wipes machines are all designed, programmed and manufactured in-house.

Successfully Installed Wet Wipes Machines

Around The Globe

You do not need to hide your customers from obsolete wet wipes facilities behind the closed door any more.

“state-of-the-art” is no longer an awkward lip service.

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Multi-purpose Wet Wipes Machine Running

in Algeria

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Baby Wet Wipes Machine Running

in Pakistan

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  Flushable Moist Toilet Paper Machine Running

in Ukraine

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Wet Wipes Lid Applicator ( Capping Machine) Running

in Thailand

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Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes Machine Running

in South Korea

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Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Machine Running

in Turkey

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Surface Disinfectant Wet Wipes Machine Running

in Malaysia

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  Adult Wet Wipes Machine Running

in India

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 Wet Wipes Machine Running

in Brazil

Wet Wipes Machine CE Certification

CE Wet Wipes Packaging Machine  - HOME
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wet wipes li applicator machine CE - HOME

We do what other wet wipes machine vendors can not do

Droid  is the only one in China solely devoted to and focused on disposable wet tissue machinery manufacturing & turn-key project planning.

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Wet Wipes Production Sites (GMP clean Room) Design

Our commitment does not end with the machine delivery

Droid provides global wet wipes manufacturers with a comprehensive range of wet wipes production related services from project consultation & planning, raw material supply to technical & aftermarket services.

Wet Wipes Raw Material Supply

1. Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

2. Packaging Films 

3. Plastic Lid for Wet Wipes

4. Resalable Stickers/Label

5. Wet Wipes Ingredients

Wet Wipes Project Planning

1. Clean room design &construction

2. Machine upgrades

3. Maintenance & Yearly inspection

Buyer Guides & Videos

Droid‘s Buyer’s guide will help you make a better informed purchase decision on wet wipes machines.

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DH 250 Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine 495x400 - HOME
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  • Manufacturing process of Droid’s wet wipes machine.

    Is Droid a real manufacturer of wet wipes machines?

  • Quality of Droid’s Wet Wipes Machine

  • The Most Preferred Wet Wipes Production Line

  • TOP 3 Best Selling Wet Wipes Machines

  • A Complete Wet Wipes Manufacturing Process

  • How Droid Perform After-sales Service?

  • How do we pack our wet wipes machines for sea transportation

    Seaworthy packing process for sea transportation

  • Droid’s clean room design for wet wipes production

    The only one in China who is capable of clean room design and construction for wet wipes production

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Email to info@droidwipes.com or call at +86-15659726323.

Help Center

Droid‘s Buyer’s guide will give you a shortcut in wet wipes business.


Wet Wipes Machine Cost- Ultimate Pricing Guide

As you consider purchasing a wet wipes machine from us, the very first question you would ask probably is: how much does a wet wipes machine cost?

This pricing guide helps to give you an idea about the initial budget and the ownership costs associated with each type of wet wipes machines.

Buying a wet wipes machine is a lot like buying a car.

With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically.

In general, a wet wipes machine can cost $17,500–$500,000 upfront depending on a wide range of factors including Technology, Capacity Speed, Functions & Features, Make of Components, Electronic System, Program, Automation level and its Workmanship (machine finishes).

Are you looking for Disinfectant Wet Wipes Machine?

Disinfecting wet wipes machine is in high demand as disinfectant wipes are reported to be an effective prevention measure against coronavirus by global medical experts ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Here we have summarized the commonly seen hygiene wipes, sanitizing wipes, antibacterial wipes and disinfectant wipes on the market and their converting and packaging technology behind.

A Buying Guide for Wet Wipes Lid Applicator (Capping Machine)

As you consider purchasing a wet wipes lid applicator (capping machine) to put lid on flow pack wet wipes pouch.

You might take 5 minutes to read this buying guide so as to make better informed purchase decision.

Raw material for wet wipes production: (1) What is spunlace non-woven?

Typical Fiber types in spun-lace for wet wipes

Here is a list of the typical fibre types that can be found in wet wipes and their properties:

(1)Polyester (PET) & Polypropylene (PP)

(2)Viscose (Rayon in the USA) & Tencel

(3)Wood pulp


The most common fibre combination for spun-lace in wet wipes application is PET+VISCOSE. 

Raw material for wet wipes production: (2) What is the “wet” in the wipes?

Wet wipes by their very definition are impregnated wipes, but what is this ‘Wet’ stuff.

Is it just water? What else is in the liquid of wet wipes?

What gives it good cleaning properties?

To give you a better idea, we will run through some of the main ingredients found within the formulations of Wet Wipes.

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