CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production
CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID  - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production
CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID 1 1 - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

A Palletizer in the context of wet wipes production is a machine used to automate the process of stacking and organizing finished wet wipe packages onto pallets for shipping and storage.

This machinery is critical in large-scale production environments because it enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and minimizes handling errors.

UT-P300 CoRobot palletizer for wet wipes production functions to pick up the packaged wet wipes from the production line, organizes them in a predetermined pattern, and stacks them neatly on a pallet.

Enhance your wet wipes production line’s efficiency with this collaborative robot- UT-P300 Palletizer that reduces manual labor costs and minimizes workplace hazards in your wet wipe manufacturing process.

Its compact design integrates seamlessly into existing setups, making it an ideal solution for wet wipes business owners aiming to enhance productivity without large-scale disruptions

Ready to revolutionize how you palletize?

Let’s make your operation safer, smarter, and more cost-effective!

What is UT-P300 Wet Wipes Palletizer Composite of ?

Structure of UT-P300 Robotic Palletizer

CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID 2024 1 1 - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production
16-Axis Multi-joints Collaborative Robot1
2Keba Operating System1
3End Effector1
4Electric Box Control Cabinet1
5Sponge Suction Cup1~3
6Safety Fence1
7Box Sorting & In-feeding Conveyor1
8Lifting Shaft1

How This Robotic Palletizer Works

Work Flow of UT-P300

Box In-Feeding to Positioning Conveying unit→ Robot Pick Box and Placing on Pallet (Pallets On both sides) → Manual pallet replacement without stopping the machine when the stack is full

CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID 2024  - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

Why UT-P300 Collaborative Robot Palletizer is your NO. 1 Choice:

Benefits You Can Get From Buying DROID’s Robotic Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

  • Enhanced Productivity:

DROID’s cobot palletizer dramatically increases the speed of the palletizing process compared to manual stacking. This leads to higher throughput and more efficient use of production time, allowing businesses to meet higher demand and scale operations more effectively.

  • Consistent Performance:

Unlike manual labor, which can vary in speed and quality, DROID’s cobot palletizer offers consistent and reliable performance. It operates at a constant speed and precision, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that every pallet is packed correctly, improving overall product quality.

  • Reduced Labor Costs:

By automating the palletizing process, companies can significantly reduce the number of labor hours required for packaging. This not only cuts down on labor costs but also reallocates valuable human resources to more critical tasks where human skills are indispensable, optimizing workforce utilization.

  • Improved Worker Safety:

Manual palletizing can be physically demanding and pose injury risks, particularly related to repetitive motion and heavy lifting. The cobot palletizer minimizes these risks by handling the physically strenuous tasks, thus enhancing workplace safety and reducing associated health care costs and absenteeism.

  • Flexibility and Scalability:

DROID’s cobot palletizer is designed to be adaptable to various production needs and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Its flexibility allows for quick adjustments to handle different packaging sizes and quantities, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to future-proof their operations and easily scale up as the market demands grow.

As Easy to Operate as You Need

Your Operator is Guaranteed to Operate the Robot Within 1 hour.
Switch Between Different Formulas with One-click

Operate with Ease:

  • Less than 1 hour, operator can master the operation of Robot
  • Create a new formula: Enter the box specifications to generate a Tetris-style selection layout for single-layer placement.
  • Different layer arrangements can be set, and operations can be managed in the background.
  • Switch between different formulas with one-click.

Robot shutdown and startup:

  • Robot can continue to operate after non-destructive alarms, manual pauses, etc., without returning to the origin.

Pallet replacement:

  • When the stack is full, the robot will automatically remind you to change it. When the pallet replacement is completed, the reminder will end; when the pallet is not full, press the button to replace the pallet.
  • Operate the replacement button, and the sensor automatically detects whether the pallet is placed in place.

As Versatile As You Want

UT-P300 Robotic palletizer for wet wipes production is designed to handle various box and pallet formats with ease

Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID  - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

Technical Data of UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer

Robot Type6-Axile Multi-Joints Collaborative Robot
Capacity25-40 Boxes/min (Related to box size) Or
Max Stable 10-12 Beats/min

(The actual production speed depends on the actual production load. The speed per minute is directly related to the weight of box.

The greater the load, the corresponding production speed will also decrease, but more gripping can meet the production speed of 25~40 boxes per minute)

Speed Example per Grabbing:
0-12KG Load: Stable 12 Beats/min
12-15KG Load: Stable 10 Beats/min
15-25kg Load: Stable 8 Beats/min

No. of boxes per single grabbing1~5 boxes (adjustable), and the optimal grabbing amount can be automatically calculated according to the arrangement
Robot Load≤25KG (including clamps weight)
Single box weight should be less than 25KG

(Note: The standard model has a movement radius of 1600MM, which can meet the maximum load ≤25KG/ )

Stacking Height≤2100mm (Including pallet height)
Pallet DimensionsMaximum:
L(1,000-1200)mmxW(1,000-1200)mmxH (120-170) mm

(Compatible with plastic and wood pallet)

PowerAC220V 50/60Hz | 3-5kw
Air Consumption0.4~0.8MPA ; 2000L/Min
Machine size1,050*1,716*2,300mm ( LxWxH )
Machine weight350kg
Box DimensionsL (100-600) mm* W (90-500)mm* H (90-500)mm
Stacking WayAccording to customer requirement
Lifting Shaft Distance500mm
Repeat positioning precision+-0.03mm
Radius of action1600mm
Safety Design• Emergency Stop Function
• Safety Door Signal
• Safety Fence Grating
• Anti-collision detection
• Users can Preset anti-collision trigger conditions.

Machine Layout of UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer

Maximize your workspace efficiency with compact design of our CoRobot Palletizer!
This space-saving solution allows for optimal use of your production area, enabling more equipment or operational activities within the same footprint.
Enhance your facility’s productivity without expanding your physical space—ideal for businesses looking to grow within limited confines.

CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production DROID 的副本 - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

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DROID WET WIPES MACHINE - UT-P300 CoRobot Palletizer for Wet Wipes Production

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