How do We Deliver wet wipes Machine to You By Sea? (Shipping procedure)

Shipping by sea from China is perceived as a major hassle by many potential wet tissue machine buyers when importing wet tissue machine.

Well, it should not be the main issue when you select a wet wipes machine from China, but still, it is a big one. Since sea shipping transportation is a part of an established and functional international system, it runs maturely, so what you need is just get to familiar with it.


In Donggong, the Only qualified product can be delivered. After trial running and test is performed, the machine will be cleaned againsmeared with engine oil for anti-rust protection, then fixed on a wooden case base with wooden blocks, after which it will be filmed and packed in the wooden case. One set of a complete wet wipes production line will be dismantled into several parts accordingly to be wrapped up in individual cases for convenient transportation. Straps will pack the wooden case again, related sign and label will be marked on the case.


A forklift will be used to move the machine case to truck or container, and the machines will be delivered to Xiamen seaport in 2 hours or Other seaports like Tianjin, Shanghai i.e. according to customer’s special requirement.


The goods will be delivered to the warehouse of the seaport and wait for customs declaration procedure to carry on, which shall be completed by the forwarder. When it is ready, the goods will be uploaded to the ship.


Sea freight is not excluding buyers from importing small volumes from China. If you buy one set of full automatic baby wipes machine, size of 9000x2400x1900mm(LxWxH), then FCL (Full Container Load) shipping is the right choice.

FCL is also the most cost-effective freight method available if counted by cost per volumetric unit.

However, IF FOR a single wet wipes machine of 4100x1500x1800mm, The solution spells LCL, or Less (than) Container Load. Basically, LCL is shared container freight. Cargo from multiple buyers is stored in the same container.


The port to port lead time depends on the travelling distance. Below follows a brief overview:

– XIAMEN – Singapore, Bangkok, etc in East Asia, lead time usually is 1 week

– XIAMEN – Sydney, Australia 2 weeks

– XIAMEN – New York, USA: 30 days around

– XIAMEN – Los Angeles, USA: 15 days

– XIAMEN – South Africa, Kenya: 25~30 days

– XIAMEN – Pakistan, India:17~20 days

However, keep in mind that it can take a few days, sometimes up to a week, before your cargo is loaded in the port of loading in China.

The same administrative delay applies in the port of destination, which in many cases can be even longer. In extreme cases, you may face delays as long as two to three weeks, in the port of destination.


You will be notified a few days before the shipping arrival. After the container vessel arrives, the containers are first unloaded. Some may be inspected by the local customs authorities, but most are not.

Your forwarder or customs broker start customs clearance procedure, normally it will take 1-5 days according to the local situation.


How would you get goods after it arrived at the destination seaport? You could pick it up to your self or arrange a shipping company to load it on the truck or train to delivery goods to your door or location you required.

Hussein from Lebanon and Ali from Egpyt chose to pick it up selfies. You could make the option as your own situation.

Hire a lift to take the machine from the container. Then tear off the wooden case, film, check if there is rust after shipping, clean and clear it.


This is the issue we both would not like to encounter. Well, just in case, we always suggest you purchase insurance for your goods and we could manage it for you. If your cargo is damaged, we advise you to follow this process:

1. Take photos and videos of the damages.

2. Make a calculation of the total value loss. Keep in mind that this should be supported by the value stated on the commercial invoice.

3. Contact your insurance company.

We are gonna insist you handle it and if there are some spare parts needed for replacement or fix, we may assign technician at the site for fixing or replacing at a charge or guide you to handle it. Donggong Machinery’s after-sales service is a lifetime.

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