5 Reasons You Should Always Keep Baby Wipes in Your Car

Even if your ‘babies’ are long off to college, there are still plenty of great uses for those wipes…

I do not have any kids yet, but I’ve already decided that baby wipes will be a permanent fixture in my car, long after there’s officially a ‘Baby on Board’.

Many of us have that mangled up box of tissues floating around the backseat, but the wetness of baby wipes makes them far more versatile.

Beyond the obvious of cleaning up random food and coffee spills, here are 5 reasons to keep a stash of baby wipes in your car:

1. Quick Clean

If you have an eternally pristine and perfectly detailed car interior, then you can skip this tip (and you’re probably winning at life in general). For the rest of us, baby wipes are perfect to do a quick clean of your car at a red light or even the ‘panic clean’ when you have an unexpected passenger joining you in a few minutes.

You can dust your dash, wipe down the console, and even rub them over upholstery to pick up stray pet hair (just be sure to use a light touch on the seats, so they’re not damp when your guest joins you). Bonus: Unlike the disinfectant variety, wipes made for babies are not strong-smelling, so the scent won’t give away your secret.

2. Fashion Boost

If you’ve arrived at your destination and notice as you swing your legs out of the car that your shoes are looking a little lacklustre, a baby wipe can be used for a quick polish. You can even give your purse/murse a touch-up if needed or skim one over your clothing as a makeshift lint roller.

3. Window Poop

Nowhere near a gas station and staring at a gifted glob on your windshield from one of our feathered friends? Hop out with a wipe and get that mess out of eyesight fast.

4. Under the Hood

If you’re doing an oil check, you can use one to wipe down the dipstick, or simply to clean off the dirt/grease from your hands whenever you’re under the hood. Baby wipes are also a great way to get the gas smell off of your hands after a fill-up.

5. Hopefully, you won’t need them for this, but

Driving along and getting a telltale whiff that perhaps you didn’t look down as you walked to your car? In a pinch, you can use wipes for a superficial cleanup of your shoes/floor mats until you get somewhere that a thorough cleaning can be done.

Also, be sure to curse the owner of that furry friend vehemently – it helps. Just make sure there isn’t an actual baby in earshot as you do so.

Have any creative uses for your baby wipes? 

Share your tips in the comments below.

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