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Wet wipes capping machine - DH-L300 Spider Robot Wet Wipes Lid applicator
wet wipes lid applicator - DH-L300 Spider Robot Wet Wipes Lid applicator



DH-L300 4-Axis Spider Robot wet wipes plastic lid applicator (capping machine) is an independent unit that can be connected to any flow pack wet wipes packaging machine to apply plastic lids on top of packed wet wipes.

  • DH-L300 Wet wipes capping machine is designed to be compact and save spaces
  • Machine design is in compliance with FDA GMP hygiene & safety standard
  • Full Servo driven and PLC control system
  • Highly automated with no need for human interference throughout the production process
  • All conveyor belts are food-grade, anti-bacterial and suitable for hygienic product transfer
  • Diverse shapes and sizes of plastic lids are workable on the machine
  • Easy and quick change over between different formats
  • Visual & audible warning systems
  • User-friendly HMI with touch screen
  • The gluing pattern and gluing amount can be adjusted
  • Structure: (1)4-Axis movement Robot arm; (2)Vision system;(3) Labeling unit;(4) Hot melt gluing unit;(5) Lid Magazine;(6) Input & Output conveyor;(7) HMI with touch screen

Machine Parameters

  • Model: DH-L300
  • Application: Automatically applying Lid(Cap) on wet wipes pouch
  • Robot arm: 4 Axle (Spider Robot )
  • Capacity Speed: 60-75pcs/min
  • Work flow: labeling- catching lid- glue spraying- identifying -lid applying Capacity: 55~70pcs/min (Single sucker)
  • Control system:PLC + Full servo driven system
  • Operation system:Panasonic control system
  • Applicable label size range: Length: 50-100mm; Width 40-100mm.
  • Applicable: wet wipes size: Length: 50-300mm, Width: 50-160mm, Height: 20-80mm.
  • Applicable lid types: multiple types/sizes
  • Lid thickness:5~10mm; Width:20~100mm;
  • Length:20~150mm Positional deviation: within ±1mm
  • Wastage:
  • Max400pcs storage.
  • Power: 220v/50Hz | 8.5kw
  • Operation interface: 19 inch display of Human-computer
  • Machine size: 3100*1500*2100mm (L*W*H)
  • Machine weight: 1500kg


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