UT-BM16(20) Flow Pack Wet Wipes Machine


wet wipes packaging machine  - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)


baby wet wipes machine 1 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)


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UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine is Suitable to make BIG POUCH wet wipes in a pack of 20-120pcs.

  • Baby Wipes

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes

  • Flushable Moist Toilet Paper

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Pets Wipes

  • Adult Wipes

  • Kitchen Cleaning Towel

UT BM1620 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine Features

Model UT-BM16(20) automated flow pack wet wipes machine is Droid’s Flagship that could WOW you with its

  • High performance
  • Attention to details
  • Low Lifetime Cost of Ownership

wet wipes machine12 300x218 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

wet wipes machine18 300x218 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

  • Work Flow

    Automated non-woven loading→ Tension control → Tissue slitting →Tissue folding→ Precise online wetting→ Tissue cutting→ Tissue stacking & counting →Tissue wait-in-line→ Tissue delivery to packaging machine→ Bag forming →Die cutting→ Labeling→ Gusseting →Auto air Venting→ Sealing→ Finished product output.

  • Highly Automation

    • UT-BM16(20) wet wipes machine is comprised of a high performance wet wipes folding machine and a high speed flow wrap wet wipes packaging machine.
    • Highly automated with no need for human interference throughout the production process.
  • Ease of Operation

    • Tissue & Packing length and width size changed by servo system, no mechanical adjustment needed
    • Easy and quick change over between different formats
    • Machine stops automatically when machine breaks down
    • User-friendly HMI with touch screen
    • Visual & audible warning systems
  • High Speed

    • UT-BM16(20) capacity speed is able to reach 65-80packs/min.
  • Modular Design

    • Modular design provides great flexibility for future needs by adding extra modules.
  • In compliance with FDA GMP Norm

    • Machine design is in compliance with FDA GMP hygiene & safety standard catering to contract manufacturing needs of International Brands.
    • All conveyor belts are food-grade, anti-bacterial for hygienic product transfer
    • 304L Stainless steel is applied to the cover of machine and main spare parts in contact with lotion and fabric
wet wipes packaging machine supplier china scaled - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)
wet wipes machine china 1 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)
wet wipes machine - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)
  • Great Capacity Utilization

    • Labor-free auto splice system makes for non-stop operation, a great capacity utilization with minimum manpower and wastage rate.
  • Great Flexibility

    • Output Product: All types of wet tissue (20-120 wipes/pack)
    • Designed to produce flat pack wet wipes in wide range of dimensions
    • Suitable to make a vast variety of wet wipes in a pack of 20-120 sheets with easy change-over operation such as baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, sanitizing wet wipes, household cleaning wipes, personal hygiene wipes, adult wipes, pet wipes, industrial wipes, biodegradable wet wipes and flushable wet toilet papers.
WET WIPES MACHINE - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)
  • Meet your Eco claims

    • Easy to handle with All types of biodegradable(Flushable) and natural materials for wet wipes.
  • Structure

    • (1) Raw material loading station
    • (2) Automated raw material splicing system
    • (3) Tension control device
    • (4) tissue folding device
    • (5) Precise online wetting system
    • (6) Automatic counting device
    • (7) Auto die cutting unit
    • (8) Auto labeling unit
    • (9) Auto film splicing system
    • (10) Auto-Electrical eye tracking
    • (11) Auto air-rejection unit
    • (12) servo driven sealing unit for finished products.
wet wipes packaging machine 1 1 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

    • From Global First-Class Suppliers
wet tissue packaging machine scaled - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)


wet wipes supplier china - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)


WET WIPES PACKAGING MACHINE MANUFACTURER - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

SKF (Swedish)

baby wet wipes machine manufacturer  - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)


UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine Parameters

ModelUT-BM 16 (20)
Output product type20-120 wipes/pack
Tissue Folding ways“Z”pop up/non-pop up/ ”N” fold
Capacity Converting speed: 7200-9000 pcs/min | Packaging speed: 80-100 packs/min
Loading station16 (20)stations/ Two independent rolls on one core shaft
Full automatic structure16(20) lanes tissue converting machine + one flow pack packaging machine (No Human Touch)
Automatic Non-stop raw material change-over system
Control systemCPU + Full servo driven system
Suitable material[30-100gsm] spun-lace nonwoven/ biodegradable material
Open tissue size(100-270)x(140-210) mm (LXW)
Folded tissue size(100-270)x(80-115) mm ( LXW)
Packing size(100-350)x(80-110)x(5-120)mm (LXWXH)
Wetting systemPrecise online-wetting
PowerAC380V 50/60Hz | 20kw
Operation interfaceSwing arm touch screen
Machine size19500×3350×2100 mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight13,000kg

UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine Layout

UT BM20 wet wipes machine layout - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

All Types of Wet Wipes Made On This Machine

  • Personal care wipes

Baby wipes

Adult wipes

Bed bath wet towel

Disinfectant wipes

Antibacterial wipes

Medicare wipes

Hand sanitizing wet wipes

Beauty wipes

Hygiene Wet Wipes

Feminine wipes

Pets wipes

Biodegradable wet wipes

  • Household wipes

Home care wipes

Household cleaning wipes

Home disinfecting wipes

Floor cleaning wipes

Kitchen cleaning Wipes

Bathroom cleaning wipes

Moist Toilet wipes

Automotive car cleaning wipes

Flushable wipes

Flushable moist toilet wipes

  • Commercial/ industrial wipes

Wipes for general purpose

Speciality Wipes

Machine cleaning wipes

Healthcare wipes

wet wipes machine 1 - UT-BM16(20) Wet Wipes Machine (20-120wipes/pack)

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