DH-DB600 wet wipes packaging machine

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  • Model: DH-DB600
  • Application: specialized to pack
  • Wet wipes (5-120pcs/pack)
  • Work flow: Automatic wipes feeding →conveying wipes to DH-DB600 packaging machine → setting packing film →batch code printing → setting window hole label → Central sealing →corner inserting /air takes-out → End sealing and reciprocating cut → packaging → Output finished products.
  • Capacity speed: 30-70bags/min (Subject to material types)
  • Wrapping material:PP,OPP,PET,PE, and all suitable films
  • Shapes of packaging:flow pack
  • Packing size:(150-300)x(50-120)x(10-100)mm
  • Horizontal sealing pattern:reciprocating heat sealing system
  • Drive motor pattern: all MISTUBISHI servo driven
  • Operation interface: touch screen
  • Power: AC380V 50/60Hz | 3.8 kw
  • Machine size: 3000×1150×1900mm(L*W*H)
  • Machine weight: 1500kg

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