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DH-12 wet wipes converting machine (30-120pcs/pack)

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  • Model: DH-12
  • Output product type: 30-120 pulls/pack
  • Semi-automation: 12 (10) lanes tissue converting machine
  • Loading station: Two stations; two jumbo rolls
  • Work flow: Auto material loading → tissue slitting → Tissue folding→ online wetting → tissue cutting →stacking & counting →Tissues output in a pile→ manual packaging
  • Capacity speed: 2800-3500pcs/min (Subject to material types)
  • Suitable material: [35-80gsm] spun-lace nonwoven/ biodegradable material
  • Open tissue size:(70-170)x(160-220) mm
  • Folded tissue size:(70-170)x(80-110) mm
  • Folding ways: “Z” non-pop up/ ”N” fold
  • Wetting system: online-wetting
  • Power: AC380V 50/60Hz | 5 kw
  • Operation interface: Swing arm touch screen
  • Machine size: 6100×2600×1950 mm(L*W*H)
  • Machine weight: 3300kg



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