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6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine

Essential Tips for First-Time Wet Wipes Machine Buyers

Whether you are starting out to make wet wipes for the first time or you want to upgrade your current wet wipes machine, you might be wondering what kind of wet wipes machine you should buy.

Here are 6 essential tips for buying a good wet wipes machine. We hope these tips will help you make the right purchase decision and avoid making mistakes in buying a machine that does not live up to your expectations.

Tips 1: Do Not Just Keep Your Eyes On The Initial Purchase Price

FMCG Brands Concern Over Efficiency

Smart wet wipe manufacturers prioritize efficiency when choosing a wet wipe machine because it directly affects their production costs and speed. An efficient wet wipes machine reduces production costs by consuming less energy, reducing waste, and having less downtime, while also increasing production speed and output. By choosing a highly efficient machine, wet wipe manufacturers can maximize their operational efficiency, lower their costs, and remain competitive in the market. Therefore, wet wipes manufacturers should not only focus on the initial purchase price, but also consider the total cost of ownership including factors such as shipping costs, storage costs, and the cost of any required maintenance or repairs. By taking these additional costs into consideration, they can ensure that they are making the most cost-effective purchasing decisions over the long term.

Tips 2: Look At Stable Speed Not The Highest Speed

Look at the stable speed instead of the highest speed claimed by the supplier

When you make a comparison with each wet wipes machine supplier, determine the winner by performing a leak test, comparing the seal performance and reject rate at the same operating speed.

Tips 3: Change-Over Time Is Easily Overlooked But Critical

In the fast-paced FMCG industry, quick and efficient change-over times are vital as it allows manufacturers to quickly adjust to changes in demand and minimize downtime, thus increasing production efficiency and maximizing profits. A machine with a short change-over time can significantly benefit wet wipe manufacturers. It allows the manufacturers to quickly switch between different formats of product lines in daily operation, reducing downtime and increasing output. A shorter change-over time can also improve the flexibility and competitiveness of the manufacturers. However, the flexibility of wet wipes machines designed and made by each machinery supplier varies widely, so you will need to pay close attention to the range of output product dimensions applicable to the machine from each supplier. Do not take the lip services from the supplier, ask for a machine-running demo or samples from the trial run. This will save you a ton of money for the products your current machine cannot make.

Wet Wipes Machine DROID 1 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine
Wet Wipes Machine DROID 1 1 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine

Tips 4: Look In The Future – To Go Green Is The Future

When it comes to success in eco-friendly wet wipes manufacturing, it matters a lot what wet wipes machines you choose. Not all wet wipes machines viable in the market are capable of running eco-friendly materials. Make Sure the machine you buy is future-proof that supports your mission to go green. Besides, efficiency and reject rates differ a lot.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturer DROID 2022 1 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine

Tips 5: There Are More To Evaluate Than Electrical Components

The electrical component is not the only element that justifies the price of a wet wipes machine. Quality is in detail. More attention should be paid to the capacity speed, the user-friendly design, the flexibility of making different product formats, the change-over time between each format, the feasibility for future upgrades, the in-house program support, the processing precision of mechanical components, the automation levels, the output product quality, the workmanship and the add-ons & accessories. Each wet wipes machine supplier may claim they have the same certain function, but efficiency and reject rates differ a lot.

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good quality Wet wipes machine scaled - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine
wet wipes machine manufacturer china 2 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine

Tips 6: Buy From The Most Trusted Machine Manufacturer

After the outbreak of the pandemic started, many new wet wipes machine dealers have been active online. It is common to see a trader who knows very little about wet wipes machines travelling from one manufacturing factory to another, taking nice videos and pretending to be a professional and an experienced wet wipes machine manufacturer. Do not just take what they claim in the video for granted. Gather as much information as you can from each machine dealer until you find the one who matches your expectation most, but be mindful of unilateral information. Always ask for their customer testimonial, talk to their customers or pay a visit to their factory. Be wary of false promises. In general, The most trusted wet wipes machine supplier should be the one with a worldwide track record of happy customers.

wet wipes machine DROID - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine
wet wipes machine DROID1 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine
wet wipes machine0 - 6 Tips for Buying A Good Wet Wipes Machine

DROID provides high-quality and reliable equipment for the manufacture of a variety of wet wipe products including baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, and general-purpose wipes.

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