Wet Wipes Machine

Droid offers a complete range of automatic wet wipes processing & packaging solutions that fall into two product series. UT Series (Premium) and DH Series (Basic).

  • DH Series (Basic) Models adhere to the philosophy of adopting simplified, compact and economical system especially for start-ups with basic needs.
  • UT Series (Premium) Models offer premium solutions to fulfil customers’desire for their upgrades on capacity competency; leaps in productivity and elimination of heavy labor works.

The disposable wet wipes types applicable on both UT Series and DH Series are as diverse as the growth opportunities in most markets: From single sheet wipes for on-the-go use, to travel pack in (5-30counts) refreshing facial wipes; from a family fixture baby wipes (30-120counts) to canister wipes for industrial application. In general, UT Series & DH Series model cover the following types of wet wipes machine: